The School of Overseas Education held a cultural experience activity for international students during the Dragon Boat Festival

To deepen international students' understanding of traditional Chinese culture, on the afternoon of 2nd June, the School of Overseas Education organized international students to carry out cultural experience activities during the Dragon Boat Festival in the activity room of the apartment of international students on Changshan Campus. Vice President Zhao Haixiao of the School of Overseas Education, all counselors,  and representatives of 

international students attended the event.


The host broadcast a video clip about the Dragon Boat Festival for foreign students, telling Qu Yuan's story and the customs of dragon boat racing, carrying sachets, eating rice dumplings, etc., so that international students 

can understand that the Dragon Boat Festival is happy and healthy.


Subsequently, under the guidance of the hostess, the international students learned to make rice dumplings, roll up rice dumpling leaves, fillings, and tie ropes and laughed at the scene. Everyone wraps their yearning for a 

better life and their thought about their families into rice dumplings.


The second stage of the activity is Hanfu and poetry experience. As one of the symbols of Chinese national civilization, Hanfu and poetry are important links to maintaining the inheritance of Chinese culture. International students have learned about Hanfu through the film system and felt the beauty of poetry and the charm of Chinese culture.


After the event, the international students praised the experience activity full of Chinese cultural characteristics, expressed their in-depth understanding of Chinese traditional culture, and truly felt the deep care from the 

school and teachers on the occasion of the traditional Chinese festival.