Two Teachers Won First and Second Prize in the Teaching Competition for Foreign Students in Jiangsu Universities

Recently, the 2022 Teaching Competition for Foreign Students in Jiangsu Universities came to an end. After fierce competition, the course Advanced Molecular Biology taught by Luoheng from the School of Biotechnology, and the course Optimal Control taught by Zhang Yongwei from the School of Automation, stood out from 78 courses and won the first prize and second prize respectively.

The Foreign Student Education Management Research Committee of Jiangsu Institute of Higher Education hosted the competition for the first time under the guidance of Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education, aiming to thoroughly improve the training quality of foreign students in Jiangsu.Great efforts have been made to ensure smoothly launch this competition since September. The School of Overseas Education organized internal evaluation and selection, meanwhile invited experts with rich experience both inside and outside the school to provide guidance to the participating teachers in terms of teaching design, teaching content, teaching methods and innovation, etc. Finally, two participating teachers were recognized by the judges for their distinctive curriculum design, novel and diverse teaching methods, highlighted blackboard writing, lively teacher-student interaction, and vivid and fluent English expression, which fully demonstrated the style and ability of our university teachers to teach in English.

In recent years, with the student source structure constantly optimized and training quality significantly improved, Jiangsu University of Science and Technology has strived to build the brand of Study Abroad in J.U.S.T, adhere to the guidance of improving quality and efficiency, standardizing management, and focus on programs & curriculum construction, insist on the connotation development of foreign student education. In the future, our university will continue to encourage teachers to devote to the reform and innovation of the education model for foreign students in China, so as to promote the sustainable and high-quality development of foreign students' education.